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Congratulations on being ready to shatter limitations, achieve new personal bests, and take your muscles where they've never been before.

What You Get:

  • Patented VasoCooling Unit
  • Rapid Thermal Exchange Mitt
  • The Best Performance Of Your LIfe
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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This is incredible… I saw measurable increases in my work volume before technical failure (2 extra sets of any exercise beyond the 5 I typically do) and a subjective (but real) delayed onset of fatigue when cooling between sets.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor

The strength gains were incredible. I cooled between my high intensity sets. When I started the cycle my max squat was 405 pounds, and when I finished I could do 5 reps of 405.

CrossFit Gym Owner/Competitor

All my use in training has been awesome. If I am doing conditioning for a prescribed yardage, I feel I can hold a higher percentage of my speed for more reps

NFL Center

When it comes to training strategies, CoolMitt is one of, if not the best I have used. Truly It is one of the few things that I see that legitimately makes a difference. After 2 months... i can't believe I am doing 30lbs more on a rep I have been stuck doing for 3 years.

Powerlifter/Football Player

It definitely works.

I have to admit that I was quite doubtful and expected to not see much or any improvement. But, I was really surprised at how much difference it made. What was before an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) of 10 is now an RPE of 8 with only 30 sec of cooling.


When I started training with CoolMitt between sets of lifting and intervals on the bike, I achieved measurable higher power output and significantly faster times in time trials.

World Champion Senior Track Cyclist

After three weeks of training with CoolMitt, I achieved over a 5% increase in threshold power. 

Former Tour de France Cyclist

When using during long training rides on a stationary bike, I am able to push for longer without fatigue.

Ironman Champion

During training with CoolMitt, the pitchers were able to maintain top velocities of fastball as well as breaking pitches throughout each set. It is not unusual to see drops of .5-2mph drops at this point of off-season training. The pitchers also exhibited better command, and consistency in their areas of analytical specialty (spin rates, vertical and horizontal break, spin efficiency) in pitching sessions.

Pro Baseball Athletic Trainer

CoolMitt is a game changer

Increased my 1 rep max bench press by 40lbs in 2.5 months


Overall this summer I found the CoolMitt to be very productive in my training. I got stronger and it allowed me to be more revitalized during my sets, particularly my upper body workouts.

NCAA Baseball Player

I’ve added 40 pounds to my split squat in the past month doing the same number of reps. And I’ve used the CoolMitt between high-cadence sprints where I normally get leg pump, and I noticed that while my legs still do get pumped, it takes much longer.

Customer Reviews

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Cools you down. I bought mine when they first came out and then they dropped the price $500. Never know they may drop again.


It works. I use Tonal, so I have access to long-term consistent data, and there is an improvement observed after using this thing. My "strength score" increased. It had been flat and actually declining. Recovery time seems to have decreased along with a decrease in DOMS.

Thank you for feedback! It is great to hear you are unlocking new levels of strength and performance. Your results are consistent with the published science and feedback we are receiving from elite athletes around the world.

Brittany Vermeer
Staying Cool During Triathlon Training

I’ve been using Cool Mitt for the past three weeks during my cycling workouts, and it’s mind-blowing! Check out this workout: 1 hour with 3 x 5 min., 2 x 4 min., and 3 x 3 min. sprint efforts going over FTP into VO2 max. Rest periods in between intervals ranged from 1 min. to 1:30, which is typically not long enough for my heart rate to go down much.

I wore the Cool Mitt on the rest intervals, and I was shocked to see how much my heart rate went down in just 1:00-1:30.

I didn’t feel the effect of the previous interval as much as I normally would. My legs felt fresher, and I had more energy at the start of each interval. Typically, with this type of a workout, I’d be spent by the end; but, I felt like I could do more, which is kind of unbelievable.

Link to my full review-

i like it

Satisfied. It really works. I use the arm blaster from rogue and burn out my biceps then mitt for like 1 min then burn out with a higher rep count. My biceps and forearms have grown in less than a month. I put snow in the reservoir from the recent snowfall we just got.

ryan thomaz

A very easy process in terms of delivery, the product came earlier than expected as well as the product so far is working as expected and promised, thank you so much Coolmitt 🙌