Exercise Bike

The CoolMitt® device can be worn as much as comfortable/feasible during stationary riding. The more you use the device the better you will perform during your ride -- by extracting more heat out of your body and sending more cool blood to the muscles that need it

Exercise Bike Performance

This cooling effect keeps you at your peak for longer and helps you avoid heat-induced performance degradation.

CAUTION:  Do not use while biking on actual roads! Needless to say, that can be extremely dangerous.

Let comfort and safety be your guide.  Recommended use:

  • When you are using extender bars or aero bars.
  • In between intervals/intense sets. This will maximize your capacity to withstand the increased heat generated during your next set.
  • During easy cool downs.
  • Post ride recovery.

It's portable. You can use it anywhere, any time.

As effortless as slipping on a glove, the innovative °coolmitt® device offers portability and convenience. It's rechargeable, providing up to 6 hours of cooling with just one charge.