Game-Changing Breakthrough in Active Cooling that Fights Overheating Better & Faster

CoolMitt® palmar cooling enabled firefighters to recover twice as fast as passive cooling.


10 firefighters from the Homewood Fire Department in Homewood, Alabama conducted training sessions on March 22 and March 24, 2022. Training protocols were identical both days. On the 22nd, CoolMitt™ devices were used to cool half the firefighters during rehab sessions with the other half receiving no treatment. Read the full study now!

  • CoolMit® enables recovery more than twice as fast - In the first two minutes of recovery, CoolMitt® device users recovered 118% faster than passive cooling.
  • Stronger recovery, faster - It took only two minutes for firefighters using CoolMitt® units to decrease their heart rate by 20 bpm, compared to four minutes for passive cooling.
  • More time in “Green” Zone, less time in “Red” - Firefighters spent more time during the entire training exercise in the Green Zone (HR<65% age adjusted max) and less time in the Red Zone (HR>85% age adjusted max) when CoolMItt™ cooling during rehab sessions.
  • Less time to reach the “Green” Zone during rehab - During rehab sessions, firefighters using CoolMitt® devices reached the Green Zone 67% faster on average than firefighters not using CoolMitt technology.
Read the full study now!

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