• Accelerate Your Rehab

    CoolMitt can be an essential part of rehab to quickly reduce core body temperature and heart rate, improving both safety and performance.

  • Enhance Your Training

    When anyone at the academy is
    facing heat stress, CoolMitt can reduce core body temperature and heart rate, leading to accelerated recovery.

  • Ignite Your Workouts

    CoolMitt accelerates your body’s ability to cool between sets, delaying fatigue, improving endurance, increasing reps, and improving strength gains.

It's portable. You can use it anywhere, any time.

CoolMitt vasocooling technology accelerates recovery and is ideal for

  • Post incident rehabilitation
  • Academy training
  • Firehouse fitness training
It's portable. You can use it anywhere, any time.
  • Natural Radiators

    Natural Radiators

    The palms of the hands radiate heat
    over 5X greater than other general surface areas. These natural radiators are activated when you heat up.

  • Vasocooling Technology

    Coolmitt harnesses the body's natural radiators and leverages conduction and convection to rapidly draw away heat and send cooled blood to the heart to cool from the inside out

  • Recover Faster

    Recover Faster

    CoolMitt reduces core body temperature over 2X faster than passive cooling in just minutes. This allows workers recover faster and be better prepared for whatever is next.

CoolMitt vasocooling enabled firefighters to recover twice as fast as passive cooling


10 firefighters from the Homewood Fire Department in Homewood, Alabama conducted training sessions on March 22 and March 24, 2022. Training protocols were identical both days. On the 22nd, CoolMitt™ devices were used to cool half the firefighters during rehab sessions with the other half receiving no treatment. Read the full study now!

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CoolMit® enables recovery more than twice as fast

CoolMit® enables recovery more than twice as fast - In the first two minutes of recovery, CoolMitt® device users recovered 118% faster than passive cooling.

Stronger recovery, faster - It took only two minutes for firefighters using CoolMitt® units to decrease their heart rate by 20 bpm, compared to four minutes for passive cooling.

More time in “Green” Zone, less time in “Red” - Firefighters spent more time during the entire training exercise in the Green Zone (HR<65% age adjusted max) and less time in the Red Zone (HR>85% age adjusted max) when CoolMItt™ cooling during rehab sessions.

Less time to reach the “Green” Zone during rehab - During rehab sessions, firefighters using CoolMitt® devices reached the Green Zone 67% faster on average than firefighters not using CoolMitt technology.

CoolMit® enables recovery more than twice as fast

It's portable. You can use it anywhere, any time.

As effortless as slipping on a glove, the innovative °coolmitt® device offers portability and convenience. It's rechargeable, providing up to 6 hours of cooling with just one charge.
Technology Inspired by Warriors

Technology Inspired by Warriors

During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the US advance on Baghdad was frequently halted due to troops becoming overheated in the extreme heat of the desert environment.

DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, was tasked to develop a solution that would improve the performance and safety of US troops operating in extreme heat. A research grant was awarded to Stanford University where biologists Craig Heller and Dennis Grahn made breakthrough discoveries on how the body released heat and were researching the most effective ways accelerate the process.  After more than a decade of research and development, including numerous published studies and patent applications, a solution was created that could be easily used in the field and more than double the speed of reducing core body temperature.

 CoolMitt is the exclusive licensee of the Stanford patent portfolio.

Technology Inspired by Warriors