Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the battery last?

The CoolMitt device is designed to run for approximately 6 hours on one battery charge.

How long does the cool water last?

The CoolMitt device maintains ice and appropriate temperature for 6 hours running continuously in moderate temperatures.  As ambient temperatures and mitt usage increase, the ice life will diminish.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The battery re-charges at a rate of 10-12% per hour, fully charging in 8-10 hours.

Can I wash the mitt?

Yes, hand wash the black dome in cool water and mild detergent then air dry.  Removing the pad to facilitate drying is recommended. Do not machine dry. You can use any cleaning spray, disinfecting wipes or soap to clean the water pad.

How do I clean the mitt tubes? 

You can remove the tubes from the pad in the mitt and from the quick disconnects so that the tubes are open on both sides.  Then rinse in a dilute solution of water and dish washing detergent.

How do I clean the entire CoolMitt system?

Drain all water from device (see below “How do I drain the water in the CoolMitt Device?”). Mix 9oz. of water (270ml) to 1 oz. of bleach (30ml).  Add the water/bleach solution to the reservoir and prime the recirculating system as described above in Step 6 of Preparations for use.  Allow the device to run for about 5 minutes.  Turn off and drain all of the bleach solution out of the device.  Prime the system once again with fresh water to rinse the device of residual bleach/water mixture.

It is suggested to clean the system monthly.

How do I drain the water in the CoolMitt device?

Pour out the water in the reservoir by removing the reservoir cap, turning upside down over a sink and gently shaking out the excess water.  Next, raise the attached mitt above the base unit to allow water from the mitt to drain to the reservoir and pour out this water.  Once the mitt is sufficiently drained it can be removed and then several additional reservoir emptying pours with rocking of the black housing should sufficiently remove remaining water.

‍Is it ok to sanitize the pad inside the mitt using alcohol wipes before/after use or if sharing among teammates?

Yes, the interior of the mitt and pad can be wiped down with alcohol wipes or other non-bleach surface cleaning wipes for infection control.  Bleach may discolor or otherwise harm surfaces.

If I have small hands/wrists, is it okay to use a towel to help position my hand inside the mitt?

For better contact with the cooling surface, a towel may be used against the BACK of the hand for smaller users.  Care should be taken, however, not to constrict or apply excessive pressure to the wrist or hand which may reduce efficacy.  For many users, resting the mitt on a flat surface or lap provides ideal positioning.  It is most important for the palm and fingers to maintain gentle contact with the pad inside the mitt.

Does raising your hand change the effect?

For most users, raising your hand while wearing the mitt should still allow your palm to maintain contact with the cooling pad.  The pad in the mitt has been shaped to allow users to gently rest their hands with the bump in the center of the palm, like using the mouse of a computer.

Will the pump make a noise?

The pump is fairly quiet.  If the pump is loud, that may mean that the pump is struggling to prime. Check to ensure that there is enough water in the reservoir.  Sometimes turning on and off can help the pump re-prime. Or adding more water to the reservoir can help.