Break through your performance ceiling and gain a competitive edge

  • Accelerate recovery during training and competition
  • Delay fatigue
  • Increase endurance
  • Improve overall performance
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Used By Players In Every Major Sports League.

  • Pro Baseball: Players on 20 teams
  • Pro Football: Players on 12 teams
  • Pro Basketball: Players on 10 teams.
  • Pro Hockey: Players on 10 teams.
  • Pro Soccer: Players on 10 teams

All that plus triathletes, medal contenders, pro fighters, pro tennis champions, and more.

Customer Experiences

Enormous Gains in the Gym

Incredible, been using it for over a year now and can’t imagine to ever going back to “precoolmitt times”. The difference in volume is enormous when working out in the gym. I can do 30% to 40% more on my push, pull, legs days.


This Is Incredible…

I saw measurable increases in my work volume before technical failure (2 extra sets of any exercise beyond the 5 I typically do) and a subjective (but real) delayed onset of fatigue when cooling between sets.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor

The strength gains were incredible.

I cooled between my high intensity sets. When I started the cycle my max squat was 405 pounds, and when I finished I could do 5 reps of 405.

CrossFit Gym Owner/Competitor

All my use in training has been awesome.

If I am doing conditioning for a prescribed yardage, I feel I can hold a higher percentage of my speed for more reps

NFL Center

Makes a Difference

When it comes to training strategies, CoolMitt is one of, if not the best I have used. Truly It is one of the few things that I see that legitimately makes a difference. After 2 months... i can't believe I am doing 30lbs more on a rep I have been stuck doing for 3 years.

Powerlifter/Football Player

It definitely works.

I have to admit that I was quite doubtful and expected to not see much or any improvement. But, I was really surprised at how much difference it made. What was before an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) of 10 is now an RPE of 8 with only 30 sec of cooling.


Faster times in time trials

When I started training with CoolMitt between sets of lifting and intervals on the bike, I achieved measurable higher power output and significantly faster times in time trials.

World Champion Senior Track Cyclist

Increased Threshold Power

After three weeks of training with CoolMitt, I achieved over a 5% increase in threshold power. 

Former Tour de France Cyclist

Push for Longer without Fatigue

When using during long training rides on a stationary bike, I am able to push for longer without fatigue.

Ironman Champion

Maintain Pitching Velocity and Command

During training with CoolMitt, the pitchers were able to maintain top velocities of fastball as well as breaking pitches throughout each set. It is not unusual to see drops of .5-2mph drops at this point of off-season training. The pitchers also exhibited better command, and consistency in their areas of analytical specialty (spin rates, vertical and horizontal break, spin efficiency) in pitching sessions.

Pro Baseball Athletic Trainer

CoolMitt is a game changer

Increased my 1 rep max bench press by 40lbs in 2.5 months


Better Recovery During Training

Overall this summer I found the CoolMitt to be very productive in my training. I got stronger and it allowed me to be more revitalized during my sets, particularly my upper body workouts.

NCAA Baseball Player

Increased Strength and Delayed Fatigue

I’ve added 40 pounds to my split squat in the past month doing the same number of reps. And I’ve used the CoolMitt between high-cadence sprints where I normally get leg pump, and I noticed that while my legs still do get pumped, it takes much longer.

Pro BMX Racer

Really Amazing

After I received my CoolMitt, I decided to see how much it would help. I did a baseline test of 6 sets of pushups to failure, with a 3 minute rest in between. My performance on the baseline was 43 pushups the first set, 21 on the second and I plateaued at 14 the last few sets. 3 days later I did the same workout, but used CoolMitt during my 3 minutes rests between sets. This time I did 44 on the first set. The second set I did 34 reps, and I plateaued at 24. I was able to do 50-60% more reps on the cooling day.


1 year warranty

Portable- use anytime anywhere

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • palmar cooling vasocooling

    Natural Radiators

    The palms of the hands radiate heat over 5X greater than other general surface areas. These natural radiators are activated when you heat up.

  • cooling from the inside out

    Vasocooling Technology

    CoolMitt harnesses the body's natural radiators and leverages conduction and convection to rapidly draw away heat and send cooled blood to the heart to cool from the inside out

  • break through performance ceilings

    Performance Gains

    Vasocooling during short breaks has shown to increase endurance and greater overall performance during training and competition, allowing you to reach new personal bests.

recover faster and cool faster

How it works

As core temperature rises, performance declines. Scientists developed CoolMitt to cool muscles fast and deliver breakthrough results. Hands down the easiest way to beat your own best.


Insert ice and water into the bottom chamber


Add water to the upper chamber


Turn on the power


Insert your hand into the rapid thermal exchange mitt during breaks in competition or training


Enjoy improved endurance and increased performance

recover faster and cool faster

aWARDS AND Recognitions

The Best Inventions of 2023

CoolMitt’s revolutionary technology was recently recognized as one of the top 200 inventions of 2023!

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