Cross Training

The more you can use the CoolMitt® device during your cross-training workout, the better your body will be able to withstand the heat generated in the muscles you are stressing

Recommended usage:

  • After your warmup:  The CoolMitt® device will help you cool your core to increase your ability to withstand the heat of your upcoming sets.  However, your muscles will remain warmed up and ready to work.
  • Passive rest between sets:  Even if you only have 30 seconds to put your hand in the device, it will help your capacity in the next set.
  • Between exercises:  If you have time to safely cool between exercises, you will reap the benefits during your next sets.  You can even wear the device while moving to another station.
  • During hands-free exercises:  Use the CoolMit device during certain “in place” exercises (like air squats or lunges in place) if you feel safe and comfortable doing so.
  • Post workout for recovery.

It's portable. You can use it anywhere, any time.

As effortless as slipping on a glove, the innovative °coolmitt® device offers portability and convenience. It's rechargeable, providing up to 6 hours of cooling with just one charge.