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CoolMitt® unlocks new levels of race-day performance by boosting your ability
to cool and recover for greater training gains.

Break through Your performance ceiling

In a world where every 1% of improvement is pivotal,
CoolMitt is a game-changer.  

Simply use CoolMitt during rest breaks or during sessions on your trainer to recover faster, maintain better core temperature, and get more out of each workout.

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Train harder for longer


Delay Fatique                     


Increase Endurance        

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Improve Your Times        

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What You Get:

Patented VasoCooling Unit
Rapid Thermal Exchange Mitt
The Best Performance Of Your LIfe

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The Biology

Natural Radiators

The palms of the hands radiate heat over 5X greater than other general surface areas. These natural radiators are activated when you heat up.


Vasocooling Technology

CoolMitt harnesses the body's natural radiators to rapidly draw heat out of your palms and send cooled blood to the heart to cool from the inside out.

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Performance Gains

Putting your hands onto a CoolMitt during short breaks has been shown to increase endurance and greater overall performance during training and competition, allowing you to reach new personal bests.

what Athletes are saying


Elite Track Cyclist, Masters Champion

As a lifelong competitor in the sport of cycling, each year I have found it harder to improve performance to breakthrough the performance ceiling that all elite athletes face. I accumulate extensive data on changes in performance as I train, and when I started training with CoolMitt between sets of lifting and intervals on the bike, I achieved measurable higher power output and significantly faster times in time trials. Today, I don’t go to the track without my CoolMitt.


Elite Cyclist, former Tour de France rider

When I first got my CoolMitt, I went on Trainer Road and picked the most brutal workout I would never be able to complete, what Trainer Road considers a Breakthrough workout. It was a 2-hour ride of 5 to 7-minute threshold intervals with 2-minute breaks between them. Between each interval, I put my hand in the CoolMitt for just under 2-minutes. There is zero chance I could finish this type of workout. I didn’t even think I could finish it with CoolMitt, but I did. I was even stronger in the 2nd hour than in the first hour. It blew my mind. It was so over my normal abilities my legs were blown out for the next five days, but I finished a workout that I could NEVER EVER have completed by cooling between intervals. My threshold power on the bike has been the same for years. After three weeks of training CoolMitt, I’ve had over a 5% increase in threshold power. I repeated the same initial workout last week and it was easy to complete.


Pro Track Cyclist

I specialize in the Match Sprints Keirin and Kilometer. My muscle composition is primarily fast twitch muscle fiber during Zone 4 efforts I tend to hit my muscular hyperthermic limits quickly and blow up; however using the CoolMitt I was able to TRIPLE the length of time on Zone 4 efforts (80-90% of MHR) within one week. I was able to push much harder with a higher heart rate for far longer without feeling like I was going to blow up. I went from 12-minute efforts to 36-minute efforts. I would dare say it was a transformative training experience. Normally after an effort like this I would experience DOMS 1-2 days later - I had absolutely no muscle soreness whatsoever. CoolMitt is simply amazing.


Pro BMX Racer

Training with CoolMitt on my WattBike, my watts have climbed significantly. I do a 30 minute interval session 2 - 3 times a week. Every 5 minutes I have a 100m sprint at the highest resistance setting, and then during the 5 minutes in between sprints I have to keep my watts at or above 120 watts. When I first began doing the session in February, my peak watts were in the mid 900’s, and my averages were in the mid 800’s. On March 9th when I did them, every peak was above 1040 watts, and every average was above 905 watts. (a roughly 10% increase in a matter of weeks) I also had my highest watt output to date during my March 9th session - 1072 watts, and my fastest 100m time - 5.49 seconds (which is more than a tenth of a second faster than when I first began these intervals in February). There’s been so many other smaller gains as well, I’ve added weight to all of the movements I do during my gym sessions, and I feel significantly stronger on the bike and confident on the track. The progression I’ve seen is seriously so awesome.

When to Use

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Pre Workout

Use to reduce core body temperature after warmup to create a thermal reserve to delay fatigue during endurance training or races.

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During Workout

Using while training on a stationary bike or during interval sessions in running, cycling, or resistance training to improve performance in whatever is next.

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Post Workout

Accelerate core cooling to stop sweating faster, reduce muscle soreness, and promote better recovery and sleep.

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