Rapidly Lower Core Body Temperature

in as little as 30 seconds

Improve Performance
Improve Recovery
Improve Safety in the Heat

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What is coolmitt©?


CoolMitt’s breakthrough technology rapidly reduces core temperature - leading to improved performance and health.


It begins to work immediately: use of CoolMitt for 3 minutes has the greatest effect on core temperature, but players see benefits in as few as 30 seconds.

Why do i need CoolMitt?


Our core temperatures operate in a very narrow range


Physical exertion and warm temperatures can push core temperatures above that range


Even small increases in core temperatures can have dramatic performance and health consequences.

How Does CoolMitt work?


The palm of the hands have a unique vascular structure that serves as radiators for the human body.


When excess heat builds, the hands vasodilate and release heat 5X greater than other skin surface areas. 


CoolMitt boosts this cooling process by drawing away heat and sending cooled blood to the core to cool you from the inside out.

How Do tennis players use CoolMitt?


During changeovers - as little as 30 seconds during changeovers will have you fresher deeper into the match


During any break in training


In the weight room


After warm up, before competition


Post training or post match to enhance recovery

Solution for An Overheated Body

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The Body's Natural Radiators

An overheated body utilizes hairless skin surfaces (i.e. palms of the hands, soles of the feet and upper face) as radiators to release heat 5x greater than other skin surfaces.

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Our Solution

CoolMitt circulates cool (not freezing) water across the palm cooling the blood at the surface that naturally flows to the heart having an initial effect within 30 seconds.

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Cool From the Inside Out

The heart, in turn, disseminates the cooled blood to overheated muscles, nerves and organs (including the brain), cooling the entire body from the inside out with the biggest impact occurring in the first 3 minutes of use.

How quickly does CoolMitt work?


As you can see from the graph, CoolMitt begins working immediately.


In fact, the first minute is where you get the biggest cooling effect. Second minute has the second biggest cooling effect.


So, even if you only have seconds to cool, you will still benefit.

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