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-Maintain Endurance In-Game
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Used by Players on over 20 Pro Baseball teams and growing 

  • Pitchers use CoolMitt between innings to maintain velocity, command, & control for longer
  • Catchers use CoolMitt to delay the heat induced fatigue from wearing gear on hot days, allowing them to maintain performance.
  • All players can use during training to get more out of each workout and build greater training gains in strength and endurance.
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Heat is the Enemy of High Performance

CoolMitt cools the body up to 3X faster in just minutes so players can:
- delay fatigue
- improve endurance 
- increase power & performance

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Major League Pitchers Using CoolMitt Maintained Velocity, Command, and Control

In a bullpen session, a group of Major League pitchers used CoolMitt between throwing sessions. Their protocol was as follows:

  • Pitchers began with two sets of 5 pitches and worked up to three 15 pitch sessions
  • 5 minute recovery breaks between sessions
  • CoolMitt used between sessions on their non-throwing hand for 3 minutes between each interval
  • Rapsodo technology was used to assess ball flight data

Results of using CoolMitt:

  • Top velocity of fastball and breaking pitches maintained vs. typical declines of 0.5-2mph  when not using CoolMitt
  • Rapsodo measurements showed better command and consistency in their areas of analytical specialty (spin rates, vertical and horizontal break, spin efficiency) in sessions using CoolMitt
  • Reduced sweating and feeling of being more prepared for the next pitch session - moisture increases the risk of blisters forming on fingers

How CoolMitt Works

The palm of the hands have a unique vascular structure that serves as radiators for the human body.  When excess heat build, the hands vasodilate and release heat 5X greater than other skin surface areas.  CoolMitt boosts this cooling process by drawing away heat and sending cooled blood to the core to cool from the inside out.


Palmar cooling
cool blood flows to your heart
CoolMitt used in the dugout between innings
  • As you compete or train, your muscles heat up.
  • To stop the rising temperature, your body cuts the supply of energy (ATP) to the working muscles.
  • As a result you begin to experience fatigue.
  • The CoolMitt rapid thermal exchange mitt contacts the hand, pulls away heat, and sends cooled blood to the heart to cool you from the inside out.
  • The result?  Your body is cooled up to 3X faster in just minutes allowing you to do more of whatever comes next.



NCAA Division 1 Baseball Athletic Trainer

For our starting pitchers they reported feeling more ‘fresh’ going out, especially on warmer days. It’s convenient because they can have their glove hand in the CoolMitt and still keep their pitching arm warm, and it didn’t really disrupt their overall routine. 

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Personal Trainer of multiple MLB All-Stars

We have a current study ongoing with major league position player using Coolmitt technology in between cage sessions and measuring exit velocity via Rapsodo technology. Thus far, his max exit velocity continues to hold through his last set of cage BP, increasing his average exit velocity per session in comparison to his non-CoolMitt-using counterparts who have decreasing max exit velocities in progressive sets during same session.


NCAA Division 1 Baseball Player

Being able to recover faster in between sets, I found myself being able to add more weight. For example, I saw my dumbbell bench press go up 10 more pounds as a result of using CoolMitt. I was even able to add more weight when I did pushups and pullups. 


MLB Pitcher in Off-Season Training

I notice a huge difference when I use the CoolMitt during my rests throughout the workout. My work capacity and energy increases significantly. So noticeable my trainer believes in the CoolMitt from just watching me. It also dramatically reduces the soreness following the workout. I would say on a scale of 10 it lowers it from an 8 to a 4. I am the strongest I have ever been right now.  


Personal Trainer of multiple MLB All-Stars

During 3 sessions WITH the CoolMitt, the  perceived total energy recovery and total recovery of baseline respiration rates were achieved at 1 minute 34 seconds during the 5 minute rest phase between the two 15 minute exertional bouts, as comapred to 3 minutes 47 seconds and 3 minutes 33 seconds during the sessions WITHOUT the CoolMitt intervention. This finding would demonstrate a positive correlation to increased ability to recovery between intense bouts of exercises in the gym.  One may surmise similar impact for between innings of pitching in a baseball game.

CoolMitt at the college world series

NCAA College Coach

We used CoolMitt at the College World Series and it gave our pitchers an advantage in the later innings

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