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Accelerate Your Rehab

Core cooling response time begins within 30 seconds 

Get Cool. Recover Faster.

Firefighters operate in the most physically demanding, extreme-heat environments on the planet. CoolMitt® accelerates  recovery from heat stress by boosting your bodies cooling process so you can recover faster.

CoolMitt device during firefighter rehabFirefighters using CoolMitt for palmar cooling

How It Works

  • CoolMitt harnesses the body’s natural radiators, the hands, which release heat over 500% greater than other skin surfaces.
  • During an incident, the combination of heat and PPE can lead to high core body temperature.
  • Placing a free hand in the rapid thermal exchange mitt during rehab begins to boost the body's cooling process.
  • Heat is whisked away from the hand and cooled blood is sent back to the heart to cool from the inside out.
  • The result? Rapid cooling of core body temperature up to 3X faster.

CASE STUDY:  Homewood, Alabama Firefighters

Recovery with CoolMitt is faster
  • Over two days, 10 Firefighters performed three 20-minute training evolutions per day in full PPE with SCBA, breathing off the bottle.
  • They had 15-minute rehab sessions after each evolution.
  • Half the group used CoolMitt for 10 minutes and half did not.
  • The groups switched on the second training day, so each person used CoolMitt during rehab for one of the two training days.
  • The graph shows that when using CoolMitt, firefighters recovered 3x faster in the first minute and 2x faster over three minutes.
  • This demonstrates that even with limited rehab time, CoolMitt can have dramatic impact on recovery.
CoolMitt for Fire Services
-30% off
CoolMitt for Fire Services

CoolMitt for Fire Services


How Our Technology Works

  1. The CoolMitt device chills water to the ideal cool-but-not-too-cold temperature and circulates it to a cooling pad where you have placed your hand.
  2. This process quickly cools your blood, sending it directly to your heart and from there out to your muscles.
  3. Your core is cooled from the inside out, extending your performance during workouts or accelerating your recovery during academy training / on-scene rehab.

The CoolMitt device includes:

  • Patented CoolMitt Unit
  • Rapid Thermal Exchange Mitt

Please note this special offer is for the Fire Services.   Additional discounts will not apply.

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Downloadable Resources

CoolMitt Product DataSheet

CoolMitt Product DataSheet

Learn More about CoolMitt

The CoolMitt is easy to setup but it is important to understand what to expect when you use the CoolMitt.   
You may also be interested in what inspired the discovery behind the CoolMitt technology.

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